Stelvio engine ratttle

I put a post recently in the wrong place, so here is an update in the right place!
Note to sell. clean yer ruddy glasses!Â

Had a weird rattling coming from the engine, not a ‘clonking’, at first it was thought the Cams had a problem, they were fine. The culprits or I should say culprit was the chain tensioner in the left cylinder, NOT a typical 8 valve engine problem, further investigation revealed that ‘Luigi or Mario’ in the factory had not put an 'O’ring in correctly, close to the oil pump, so causing some oil to leak back into the sump. Had this O- ring given up the ghost completely things could have got really nasty!

Basically the tensioner was almost seized, Â the right hand side was still just functioning.
 Moto Corsa also cut their teeth on this one! Good job chaps,Â
Job is done and things are very quiet again.
Cost a few quid, but you can’t put a price on guzzihappiness,can you?Â