Stelvio Mistral can

Having had my Stelvio for about 6 weeks and loving every mile I am now a little distraught. Just collected the bike from Moto Strada and it’s running like a bear I can’t change gear smoothly and it just lurches at low speed Bike has always had a mistral end can so I assume it has been re-mapped which is causing the problem Does anyone have any top tips to restore my lovely Stelvio Obviously it’s going back to Moto Strada soon as I can get it back to them. I was also a little surprised that they filled it with Motul semi synthetic 15/50 whereas I thought it was supposed to run 10/60 and fully synthetic would be better for the engine ?

What about trying one of the ‘Finebeau’ plug in thingy’s?

I’m surprised at 15/50 semi being used when 10/60 synth is recommended. But then again I went to a bike shop where they thought their usual fill of 10/40 would be ok as it’s what they put in all the bikes they serviced

Have a read through Litch’s “poor running at low speed” thread as he seems to be encountering similar problems. A have just bought a 2011 NTX with 9000 miles on the clock and I do find it snatchy as I open the throttle but I am not sure how much this is to do with the lean mixture at idle or me needing to develop a more sensitive and smooth throttle technique. I hope things don’t get worse as you and Litch have experienced.

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If it’s any help, my buddy rode my Stelvio last weekend and commented twice on how light (and presumably sensitive) the throttle action is. He did say it was something he got used to over the miles. I don’t notice it at all but my previous bike was a KTM990 Adventure which are reckoned to have a snatchier throttle than most, so maybe I adapted.



2011 NTX bought new from Moto Srada.

Sorry to here your problems, sounds similar to mine after my first service it wasn’t running to well, took it back (200 mile round trip) had it re-mapped also had the plug caps replaced, sorted, I was told they can only down load mapping, can’t go back. I wouldn’t of though the minstral should make any difference.

As to oil, when I asked why 15/50, it’s what they always use!! Unless you ask for another grade, I’ve only done 11000 miles but I’m going to ask for 10/60 next service.

Other than a few early issues, the bike is brill, starting to loosen up nicely…