sticking caliper pistons cali EV

on the front right caliper on my EV the two inner pistons are quite stiff (one more than the other)which is causing uneven pad wear. I know you cannot get rebuild kits for these calipers but has anyone stripped these units and successfully put them back tgether, i suspect there is some corrosion behind the caliper seals.


I have stripped the same caliper on my Cali EV, beware the two four bolts holding the two halves together are rock tight, as it was I lived at that time near Jim Blomley (Quill/JB Racing) and popped into his garage at his home and he split the two halves for me, I was not there when he done it but I think he used his super top of the range air gun, two four new bolts were fitted.

northwest2012-06-10 15:29:58

Have used brake fluid as a cleaner and lubricant to free and repair brake pistons.Some success with sticking pitons by removing the pads wih the caliper still attached and then moving the piton back and forth whilst dripping small amounts of brake fluid onto the pistion.I tend to start the bolts off with the caliper attached to the bike. Usual stuff about wrpping the area in rags etc.All the bestSteve

Same as Steve, I’ve used a nylon pan-scouring pad with brake fluid to polish light rust off before pressing pistons back in gently & evenly -then pump them out again, clean again, ad infinitum until both sides operate the same. I did this on the Jackal’s rear about a year ago.

I have used a toothbrush and jif (now cif) for years on many bikes without a problem, finish with a LIGHT smear of coppergrease. Also make sure you spill brake fluid everywhere, I do…

I am sure some time ago someone found out that you could fit some Honda seals in the Guzzi calipers, couldn’t find it in the non OEM equipment and search callipers in technical will bring up a 1000 results Update have a read of these postings search for posts by NevilleGIs this any good for you?

Don-Spada2012-06-12 00:57:03

This is interesting,
A. is it still Brembo calipers we’re talking about here
B. I thought the Brembo’s went over to teflon coated pistons exactly to prevent these rusting up and sticking problems?

Mind you I’m thinking of P8’s

i am no expert on this modern stuff but as far as I am aware they are Brembo. It seems Honda fitted Brembos to some bikes and sell rebuild seal kits for them, yet Guzzi do not!!

guzzi pistons are ceramic coated and don’t rust, however it wouldn’t stop the caliper corroding particuarly under the seal pushing it out and creating more stiction. Have improved things but still not perfect, the same calipers were fitted to fzr1000’s of the time, not sure about hondas, wonder if yamaha do seal kits ?.


Y know what take off the caliper go into a Honda or yam dealer and aks the age old qn “do you do seal kits for these mate it is off a Honda/yamaha but I am buildin a special!”

Do not brembo supply kits, daft qn but have you asked motomecca? IF there are seal kits for Honda or Yam so supplied then Brembo will make them also worth looking and asking the places such as
Wemoto and even David Silver spares especially if you can get the part no of the caliper David Silver stock just about everything Honda.

This is all Motomecca have, P8 et al I presume

No use going by their catalogue like Spares GB you HAVE to ring them …the cat is often not up to date this was something I learned years ago, some parts that are service items just do not get upgraded/listed

There is a .pdf from Brembo which lists all the fitments; on my copy it lists the Cali EV (2001/2) as having front right caliper 20.6800.20

This is the equivalent caliper to that on my 2003 Breva 750. Mine had three seized pistons, and one only just moving. This was due to pitting on the pistons, and the seals deteriorating to the point they were just a black oily smudge stopping the pistons from moving.

I searched extensively across all the Brembo brake stockist websites I could find: UK, USA and NZ, and no-one has Brembo replacement seals for these calipers; they’re not listed in the Brembo catalogue - it is said Brembo don’t make them, as the calipers themselves are “low-cost” replaceable items(!). Some say it’s to prevent liability claims from ham-fisted repairs, but other calipers are serviceable, so I don’t know…

Eventually, I gave up and bought a new caliper from Motomecca for £157+VAT, on the basis that it’s a single front disc, and if me and the Missus are on it, that’s all that stands between us and a sticky end.

These calipers are used on all sorts of Italian bikes - Aprilia, Cagiva, Ducati, and they all have the same problem - no spares.

Brembo do list pistons and seals in the same sizes as this caliper, for racing use. I didn’t fancy trying them out myself… If you find a way to service these calipers, please let me know, I’ve got a spare lying around! Blind Lemon Ade2012-06-14 19:31:41

This may help a x ref of parts

This cross ref seems to point to the upgrade brembo parts as 20.5165.58 and 20.5165.68

IF this is correct there is a list of bikes that use then THAT means 2nd hand ones and even new ones may be less expensive than Guzzi
Here are the specs

Those of you who have them apart may be able to verify if these are utterly wrong I can delete the links

I also found this page

This has Brembo 30/32/34/38/40 piston rebuild kits???

Let me know if any of these are good? as I will post it in non oem replacement partsguzzibear2012-06-14 23:24:16

For what it’s worth, the Honda CB500V (late '96) to the CB500Y (2003) was built in Italy and used Brembo brakes.

From the previous post by NevilleG, on this subject, he sourced seal kits from JIM ALLEN MOTORCYCLES, 208 GRAHAM’S ROAD, FALKIRK.
www. JIM-ALLEN.CO.UK Tel:- 01324 620111 (ask for Davie)

Thanks for that!

great work guys especially guzzibear loads of good leads.


You are welcome mate … I would bet with a lil bit of research other brembo calipers will fit as Guzzi don’t make enough bikes for a 1 off set, and if it was really needed I betcha a set of Nissin calipers would fit with an adapter plate.