Hi All.I’m going to be storing my Spada for several years and I’m looking for advice on the best way to keep it in good order. Some things are known to me, such as removing the battery and changing the oil. Any other tips?Thanks,Geoff

remove fuel from tank fill with some petrol and oil and slosh it around to coat tank in oil i would be tempted to fill carbs with thin oil as well remove plus and squirt oil in bores to stop rust prop up on center stand so tyres off floor waxoil all chrome and exposed metal I prefer waxoil for long term if you find time swop brake fluid for fresh (no water contamination)

Certainly drain the carbs of petrol and leave them dry, otherwise you will end up with a nast deposit blocking all the jets when the petrol evaporates.Remove battery. Depending on how long this will be for, charge battery, but if it is old, chuck it and buy a new one when the time comes.

All that done then buy one of them there vacuum covers you roll the bike in lift it on chocks and suck the air out with a vacuum cleaner keeps it dry.

Thanks for all the responses guys, very helpful.Geoff

My Spada sat for 15 years, no real preparation, it just got used less and less until one year I couldn’t afford the tax and insurance so it got left in the garage with a curtain over it.Make sure the area it is left in is dry. Italian finishes and electrics hate the damp. As mentioned above drain the carbs (I didn’t) bit of oil down the bores would be good ( I didn’t) Remove the battery (I did do this)How long are you talking about storing it?

Try and get the tyres off the floor. But you will probably change them to get back on the road.

But I must ask the question…why?


Going abroad?

I need to store it because I’m going abroad, taking on the dream trip round the world. I hope to be gone for several years. The Guzzi isn’t right for what I want to do so I’m taking my Suzuki DR350.