Strada 750 hassles

wonder if anybody could help please?
I have a 1994 750 Strada with Saprisa generation system that will just not play the game!
Although the charging light goes out at around 3500 rpm it refused to charge the battery. I have checked continuity of the wiring, cleaned all connectors, checked continuity of the alternator, confirmed earth connections, replaced the rect/reg unit - but no joy.

Any assitance or advice would be gratefully received.

Clutching at expensive straws but has anybody got experience of the Enduralast system?

Mick in Aberdeen

yes i had there unit on my spada never missed a beat and made a vast difference to the charging and brightness of the lamps old system really had to rev to get it in the green new system 2000 rev meter 1/2 way with all lights on brilliant but expensive also made by others but name escapes me check they are suited to your bike as mine was a 1000 cc

Thanks for that, did you fit it or was it already on the bike when you bought it?
(Was wondering how much hassle it will be to install)

Can you get any test readings from the wires up from the alternator? Is it actually producing a good voltage or is the problem with the control mechanism. I assume this will be some sort of 3 phase generator, putting out AC. try multi metering across the output terminals and see if you get a voltage from any of them.

i fitted it in around 1 hour a lot of that was removing the old one