Straightening Lodola footrests

My Lodola journey continues with now having to straighten the left hand footrest that has been bent up slightly (in a fall I guess).
I have access to a press but am concerned about cracking as the footrests are alloy castings.
Has anyone any experience of this?

What you do with alloy is you heat up the part with blow torch where you want to straighten then remove torch and rub a bar of soap on the heated section if the soap mark on the part turns brown you can then straighten up the part. If it do’es not turn brown heat some more and keep trying the soap test.WARNING be very carefull that you don’t heat the part to much otherwise you may be left with a misshapen part.Been there and have the T shirt.This annealing of the part may last only for a few minuits or months there is no way i know of finding out how long this will last. So if you want to rebend again ,repeat the process.The local engineering shop straighten car and bike alloy rims this way.I’ve used this myself on alloy rims ,alloy lever blades and alloy castings

Thanks Ralph. I’ll give it a go!

I used a torch and a vice and went VERY gently at mine. It straightened out fine, with patience. Ralph’s soap method sounds good.

It’s also handy if you want to bend alloy flat brackets or mudguard stays.