straightening rear caliper mount

Had a look at my odd rear pad ware and i recon the caliper is not sat square to the diskcannot see any way to adjust the mounting?

Washers under the correct mouting bolt?

If you mean one pad wearing quicker than the other then look for a stuck or sticking piston as the hydraulic pressure to both pads would be the same and even if the calliper is slightly offset it would make no difference to pad wear under normal circumstances. No shims are needed.

No the pads are wearing diagonally and the outer is about 3 mm difference from edge to edge

Someone used a disc lock on the rear wheel at some time? My Spada III had that problem, only way out was a replacement calliper bracket.

Iain, if caliper is not square to the disc, then you need to adjust mountings by placing washers inside or outside the mounting bolts as suggested by the wise Mr. Dunmore. Had a Spada which needed 1.5mm washers to bring it square.

There are 0.5 and 0.8 mm thick so-called caliper shims (basically special purpose flat washers) which can be placed under the caliper mounting points (where bolts are) the idea being to put disc central in the caliper. You should not however need to mix different amounts, should both be the same so summink wrong here, yes bracket could be bent. Although in the past I have had Brembo pads wear somewhat wedge shaped (thin side toward direction disc is coming in) as though the leading edges are worn away faster, this sounds more serious though.

Is def bent, going to see if Ray has a suitable replacement ( remember t5 has 270mm small disks) or heat it up and give it a push in a press break and see if it will straighten up

When I found mine bent (after I bought it) I got a replacement from Motorworks, yes it was that long ago. The replacement was also slightly bent so they sent another.I was actually able to straighten the second bent one by holding one end in a vice and tapping the other carefully.

Not sure if it would be the sameT3 California brake mount

I’m hoping a bit of heat will sort mine

Thanks Don, mines a different design, calliper is below the axle on a long thin mount

Hi that will be the type I have as well (the ones like dons link) so it looks like its a straighten job or shimming
one thing about straightening things is you always have to take it a bit the other way as it will spring back

its the joys?! of having a T5 , only other option is to grind the one mount back then square the other up, think heat and a good shove are my best optionWill get it stripped down next month and start sorting it out
guzzi-t52013-09-26 07:47:45

You might find it’s alloy though, if so may be a danger of cracking it or melting it with too much heat. eBay pic looks like for a Convert (includes mount for parking brake) otherwise e.g. mine looks identical EXCEPT there’s no webbing fill-in between the struts, they’re open. And no park brake bracket bit. And it’s light alloy. And it’s identical to what’s on a Spada and many other models I suspect.

They ARE alloy and as far as I am aware are all the same, but then the T5 with smaller wheels may just be different…sooooIF you are applying heat with alloy do it carefully and use the end of a matchstick to test the temp once the wood goes black it is hot enough … I have doubts about bending that thickness of alloy with the webbing it has.

I would try shimming as a first option bud.

T5 is very different, caliper is under the swing arm and is straight to look at like a rectangle about 6" long and 2" tall

If it’s like this one, then this one is spare, and straight. It’s the SPIII,Cali III type.
Brian UK2013-09-26 13:45:07

wow well done Brian, thats the one!! I’ll drop you a pm