Stuart Garner... Any news..?

In the first week of last month, that pension thieving lowlife, stood up in court and admitted the charges brought against him … It was reported that he would be sentenced at the end of the month … and that he could face a custodial sentence of up to two years … Well, it is now the next month … Has anybody heard anything …? Regards, Tony

Been adjourned for sentencing.

I note that it’s been heard at a magistrates court so unless they decide to bump it up the road to a Crown court for sentencing, it’ll be six months max as far as I remember.

STUART Garner, the former boss of Norton Motorcycles, has had his sentencing hearing postponed.
The Pensions Regulator (TPR) has announced that Stuart Garner’s sentencing hearing, that was due to be held today (28 February) at Derby Magistrates’ Court, has been moved back to a to-be-confirmed date.

Sentenced yesterday … 8 months, SUSPENDED FOR 2 YEARS … Some things never seem to change, lauded by our government, liberally “sprayed” with taxpayers cash by our “tight-fisted” treasury, then rewards his “double-dealing” cohorts with Range Rovers … Whilst, all the time undermining the future of his pension scheme members, by plundering their contributions … Where is the justice we value so greatly … I’m sorry … it just doesn’t exist … Tony

Prisons are too full.

Build more prisons

The sentencing Judge had an abundance of evidence of the financial and psychological harm to the victims of Mr Garner’s criminal activities which the prosecution accepted he did not know he was committing so coupled with his current mental health issues and the huge bill the Pensions Ombudsman ordered Mr Garner to repay the victims, would be factors the Judge would have taken into consideration when deciding to suspend the jail time.

As Mr Garner pleaded guilty the three concurrent 12 month prison sentences were reduced to 8 months and suspended - normally around a third off jail time for a guilty plea.

But here is the rub - if Mr Garner were to be convicted of a further imprisonable offence during the period of suspension (which is unlikely) a court has the power to activate all or part of the eight months and providing the sentence for any new offence does not exceed 8 months and is not of a violent/sexual offence in nature, Mr Garner would be entitled to release at the half way point of sentence and automatically entitled to be considered for 3 months Home Detention Curfew so in reality he would serve 1 month jail time.

Overall not a bad result for Mr Garner but reflects a general sentencing trend were what are considered ‘white collar criminals’ have an easier ride without the criminal justice system compared to other types of offenders.