suggestion on a 2010 Stelvio NTX

Hello everybody,
I’m thinking about buying a 2010 Stelvio NTX.
Do you have any comment about the bike? Something I should look at? is there any major concern about this model?
Do you know if this model could be affected by the faulty camshaft?

Another question on the Stelvio,is there any possibility to add an high front mudguard? BMW GS style basically as I really like adventure bike to have an high mudguard.

Thanks in advance for any reply!

Hiya…am sure somebody will be along soon…praps worth trundlin thro the list in this section…theres a few topics on stelvios…
The club has a facebook presence now…its the guzzi club GB one, not the UK one…no critiscism of either intended…but I do know that John and more pertinantly Stelvio Pete are on the GB one…

Mine is a 2010 model NTX, so far no camshaft problems in 18,000 miles but I have been advised it is only a matter of time. I hope my advice is wrong.

Higher mudguard with upside down forks is unlikely, you could make one yourself or get one made? I have a fender extender (sic) on mine that keeps the engine a bit cleaner but raising it up might let the front wheel spray muck everywhere… :confused:

Don’t do it!

Save up a bit and go for a 2012 onwards big tank model.

There’s lots of history about the cam issues on here.

I owned a 2009 model and had a nightmare and have a mate who has a 2010 model that sounds like a concrete mixer with a load of bricks I and he doesn’t have MG service history so they wont touch it.
I rode a 2013 NTX and there are subtle improvements over the early bug eyed model and should have the roller cam followers.

If you do go for any Stelvio, make sure it has full Moto Guzzi dealer service history and check for upgrades.
Also check the fork bottoms as they crack if the axle pinch bolts are over tightened.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. It may be OK, but forwarded is forearmed.
They are great bikes when working ok. Handle well and great power delivery.

Thank you Horton,
was exactly my concern. I already had an unexpected camshaft failure with my California and that was not pleasant at all, Had to do the job myself.

Other doubts I have is that bike is Cat.D, and come without spotlights and panniers (which I think should be basic on the NTX). Last owner is a mechanic so i doubts bike come with full MG history.

There’s a low mileage 2011 big tank cat d Stelvio “project” on evil bay. On the face of it looks and sounds easy to fix, but why would you sell it if it was?
A bent frame and or forks is my guess. Careful investigation needed.
V5 is not in his name which rings some alarm bells too.
It might be ok you never know.

Good luck with the search anyway


Buy a post 2013 stelvio they fitted roller tappets from mid 2013 onwards. I also had a 2010 stelvio NTX ( in silver)written off was quoted £7000 in parts looked fine as I stayed on it but was hit from behind. But when it was put on a jig the frame was bent, rear wheel buckled CARC output shaft bent and the swinging arm was cracked. Should have been scrapped but was resold. I had the warranty voided by moto guzzi Reg number wasKX10DHCengine number A811879 not sure where it went

At the moment I want to stay away from project bikes.

I bought a 1150 GS 2 years ago as winter bike (to preserve my California). Since I bought it, I’ve done less than 200 miles on it as I had a problem with the slave cylinder of the clutch. So my winter GS has been a project bike for nearly 2 years. I eventually fixed the clutch issue and on the day I was supposed to get the MOT done I had an electric problem.
I’ve now booked it in a garage to check it out.
The Stelvio is meant to be a reliable replacement for the GS.
I’ll wait for the outcome of the garage to decide what to do.
If I get another bike I’ll definitely try to get one with good expectations for reliability.

If it hasn’t had a roller conversion factor in £800 for the bits to do it.