Super Alce Legshields

Hi all,
I am in the final stages of re-assembling my Super Alce and need to know how the legshields are attached to the frame near the headstock. From the parts book I can see that I am short of part 42 (Traversino di attacco pedane paragambe, legshield crossbar) along with parts 19 (Rosetta elastica per bullone fissaggio traversino attacco pedane e tubo appoggiapiedi, spring washer for the bolt fixing the attachment crossbar and legshield tube) and part 44 (Dado per bullone fissaggioi traversino pedane e sella al talaio, nut for bolt fixing the legshield crossbar and saddle to the frame).

Has anyone out there got a Super Alce with the legshields fitted and if so could you please post some photos and sketches on the upper crossbar and the method which is used to attach it to the frame.

Any assistance would be gratefully received.