Has anyone on here had any first hand experience with supercharging a big block Guzzi? I’m looking at Köhler at the moment as they seem to have the complete package. I think it’s going to cost me about £4k to get a 124BHP engine (And that was a stock engine to start with with two plug heads). Not too shabby considering I’ve spent £4k to get it to 68BHP at the rear wheel so far and as mine has several improvements over a standard engine I should get it to over 130BHP. I know the next stage will be the UJ and the gearboxes by the way!
If anyone has any knowledge please get in touch.

I think Black Dragon Motorcyles in Yeovil do it, give them a ring. They advertise inGambalunga.


He certainly does and it is a superb machine.

Interesting stuff!
Please keep us posted on progress.
Good luck