Friday 13th today, anyone bothered? :smiley:

I’ve ridden in to work this morning, so probably not… (he wrote, whilst walking under a ladder with a broken mirror in his hand, and a black cat crossing in front of him…)

Didnt notice, but I had a trump supporter for Company all day so my attention was elsewhere !!

Is that the same as a bridge partner? Or a keen fan of farting?

It’s been scientifically proven that it’s unlucky to be superstitious.

Caught the boat to Cherbourg. It didn’t sink or anything.

I started a trip, nothing bad happened apart from a bit of rain.

But for a long time I have had an irrational fear of the number 13. Even to the extent of leaving it out of numbered lists. :open_mouth:

And not wanting to do things on the 13th.

You could have let the rain fill up your sidecar Mike, and brought it down here, we have none forecast for another fortnight at least :cry:

We have had no rain but I do have a plentiful supply of rainwater. I have just bought a submersible pump and it is rigged up in a cistern under the house, the cistern is 6 feet diameter and 10 feet deep. I have just refilled the water butts, (all 7 of them) ready for the eventual hosepipe ban. The pump is almost powerful enough to drive a small sprinkler but I won’t use one, if it gets to that, the lawn will be allowed to go brown, and the veg will get the water. :smiley:

I had a job interview last Friday. It seemed to go well so we will see if it is a jinx or not

Sprinklers reminds me a few times I’ve seen crop sprayers in some of the fields. So rain shortage quite serious then.

It has just absolutely tipped down in Cheshire late this afternoon, moving east maybe east Anglia will get it?

And the sidecar has holes in the bottom, so rather more like a colander. :smiley:

NOOOOO far worse
a rooting toooting tatooeed yeharing yank who worships guns
it was a hard day looking after her, and i was glad to get home