Suspension recall

I got a safety recall letter from Piaggio yesterday relating to the rear suspension link (double connecting rod) on my 1200 Sport. Has anyone here had problems with this item on their bike(s)?

Obviously the best thing to do is get it to a dealer straight away, but I’m bang in the middle of moving house right now and my closest dealer is probably Teasdales (about 40 miles away) so I might have to wait a while before getting it booked in. The letter says don’t ride above 31 mph before you have the mod done which sounds a bit draconian to me, but I guess they always err on the safe side. I’ve already checked the linkage myself and it looks Ok but its always a worry when you get these things. coolonthecoast2013-08-02 08:01:15

that would probaly tie in with this post

Well whats the difference to any of the carc bikes.
I thought they where all the same??

They are, but obviously there is something specifically wrong with the assembly in these cases. It won’t be to actually put grease in there.

It appears that they have gone to a different supplier for the dog leg, and have had problems as a result.See Note the bit about not exceeding 30mph until the recall is done. This would also affect anynoe who has bought a new dogleg to replace a knackered one since 2011. Probably getting them made out of plasticene in China to save a few bob.
Brian UK2013-08-02 10:09:45

Looks something like that don’t it?

I had the replacement part fitted today to my Stelvio at the supplying dealer today. It is only a 1/2 hour job as indicated in in the other post. However, there could be a problem getting the replacement part fitted if you have moved since you bought the bike and your nearest dealer isn’t the one from whom you bought the bike.I was told that Piaggio are supplying the replacement parts to dealers based on their records of the bikes the dealer has sold. This means that if you have moved and your nearest dealer isn’t the one who sold you the bike, you may find that you are directed to the supplying dealer who should have the part for your bike. Not very helpful if this affects you.

I’m not moving far David and will probably take the bike back to Moto Strada at Shipley where I bought it from when I do get the time, its just that Teasdales are a bit closer, not a lot in it really 25 - 30 miles perhaps.

What else can they do? Swamp all dealers with the parts whether they get a call or not? Remember the dealers have to pay for them then get the money back once fitted and the old one returned.

I would’ve thought if you ring up any Guzzi dealer to arrange taking your bike in, they would simply order the part from the UK HQ as and when they get customers calls, rather than holding them in stock themselves.

Have had a bit of this myself in the past, as Brian explained had to go back to the dealer that originally sold the bike as new, to do the work (paid for by manufacturer), and since it’s a safety issue can’t leave it to customers to arrange at their leisure

Unfortunately all Guzzi spares come direct from Italy, no UK involvement.

Well I had got the bike booked in for the recall work this Thursday but the parts haven’t come from the factory and I was told, won’t be available until mid September now. Not the dealer’s fault, obviously, but it leaves me with a bike that’s possibly suspect to ride in the warmest summer we’ve had for quite a few years. Apparently only 3 links have failed worldwide (so I was told). I’ve had a thorough look at the link myself and can’t see anything untoward but it is annoying to say the least. coolonthecoast2013-08-27 15:49:21