T3 Battery

I’m looking for a BLACK battery for my T3. I would be grateful for any recommendations. I like the look of the Shorai lithium ones because (a) they are black and (b) they seem to offer advantages over their heavier lead equivalents. But it could all be marketing guff for all I know.

Well they are twice the price, but should have a longer life too. Yes you can save a couple of pounds in weight, but that is hardly anything when you consider the weight of machine plus rider.

The good old cheapie Mk 1 Escort ones work fine, fit the space well and do not fail if ignored for a month or more.G.

Yes are they still available.
They did stop making Mk1 Escorts last century.

Thanks for the suggestions. Anything that can get an old Mark 1 Escort started must be in the frame. However, I like the idea of a lithium battery or something similar because it presumably doesn’t have any acid eating bits away while you’re not watching.

I dunno, lithium salt is an alkali so not sure it’s that much safer.


Crikey just seen the prices on Tayna

Mike H2012-10-25 18:44:53

What sort of battery would a 1975 T3 have had originally? I could get a nice “old” black battery made by one of the classic battery companies. Am I right in assuming from the above that its dimensions and power output would be exactly the same as one for a mark 1 Escort? Given the originality of the bike I do not want to install something that looks too modern.

More questions. What type of terminals should such a battery have? Are the standard Escort Mark 1 type correct? Does somebody have a picture of an original? Many thanks.

Powerload battery

Stick a smaller Westco one in something like a 15 amp.
if you want some extra room.
But how many cranks you would get i dont know.
Plus remember you only have 200 watts of charging power.

I used Ford Escort batteries for years, bit tight to fit but pricewise fine, but you might have to leave out the tool tray, I now use AGM batterys in both the T3 and the Cali EV, I have a Haze HZB12-28 brand, cost around £50-60 and yes it is black, but it is smaller than the orginal which means it is easy to fit but you will need the Guzzi battery straps to hold it in place.
northwest2012-10-26 10:09:03

Design life 12 years it says in the ad for the Haze, do I really believe it? But under £50 must be reasonable.

Banner 53050 ( i think it is)fitted to the T3 is black 30 or 32 ah, last on lasted 5+ yrs.Smaller than a Ford escort one so leaves a bit more room under the seat and is easier to get out.

I have fitted in the past Exide car battery, Ford one and many others I used to take the old one and get one the same.

It is easy to swap the post terminals BUT the best org one had the square tag you bolt to . however that said I have used the post type ones fitted with the post adapters.

The car batteries seem to last 3-5 yrs depending on how much use they get …more use = longer life sitting around is what kills them.