T3 Cali 1982 Throttle cable query

Hi all,

Please excuse my ignorance.

I need to replace the two lower half throttle cables on my 1982 T3 Cali but can’t seem to find them on the parts lists I have. The single cable goes to a grey cylindrical splitter arrangement under the tank and the two cables I’m after go to each carb.

I cannot find this splitter box arrangement anywhere.

Appreciate any help



Hi Tony, just had a look at a couple of parts lists and they all list the T3 and the Cali 2 as both having twin throttle cables, from the twistgrip to the carbs. Has your twistgrip been replaced? Jez

Hi Jez,

Mine has a single cable until it reaches under the tank and then it has a splitter box where it splits into two cables going to each carb.

I only bought the bike in December and this is how it came.

I remember having similar on a T3 Cali I had some years ago but sold it before it was put back together so not sure if it’s sandard or add on arrangement.

I’m hoping someone else with T3 Cali experience can help



I think twin cables from carbs to twist grip is normal.
People have been known to fit the Tomaselli quick action twist grip which only pulls a single cable so have to use a splitter box to operate twin carbs.
Looks like its gonna have to be a custom job. What are you like at soldering?

I had a Nik Smulian system such as you describe on my LMIII, much lighter.
A T3 shouldn’t have that problem so if you have the standard throttle I would suggest going back to original.

Any chance of a photo? Sounds like non-standard twistgrip which in turn suggests non-standard handlebar switch housing(s)

Could still be a standard throttle, just use 1 cable from it.

Could be the arrangement from a later Cali. The one you describe is what is fitted to my Cali 3.