T3 Cali seat query


I have recently purchased a T3 Cali, which came with a Cali 2 seat!

I’ve purchased a new T3 Cali seat but am not sure how it mounts.

Could someone forward a picture of the correct mounting please?

Much appreciated


Too dark for photos of the actual beast right now, but this should get you along the path. The vital element (for standard fitment) is the T3 Cali carrier/seat bracket. That mounts to the rear mudguard and rear sub-frame. Atop that item (#64), two brackets (see image). The Cali T3 seat (and likely the Cali2 seat) bolts and hinges from those two points (marked in red).

The seat is then ‘fixed’ - i.e. stopped from hinging when that’s not wanted - by a seat strap (#59), which bolts / attaches to the foremost point on the Cali T3 carrier/seat bracket. Note that one of the two seat strap fittings, is a special fitting, same as on LM1 (GU17462570)

Hope this helps, but I can do actual shots tomorrow if needed.

P.S. The reason why some people fit a Cali2 seat is because, despite appearances, the Cali T3 seat is, to all intents and purposes, a generous solo seat. I understand that the Cali2 seat fits 2 persons somewhat better. Also, the Cali2 grab rail allows the lids on ‘thermos type’ panniers to hinge up, whereas the original CaliT3 seat grab-rail obstructs that operation.

Hi Barry,

Many thanks for the useful info.

Yes, that’s where the Cali 2 seat was attached and I’ve fitted the T3 Cali seat in its place but there seems to be a gap underneath and there is daylight between the seat and frame and just doesn’t look right.

Would really appreciate a picture of its mounting and with the seat down too if that’s ok?



If things don’t quite seem to fit, it begs the question as to whether you have a CaliT3 rack (to which the ‘new’ seat is now fitted), or whether the Cali2 seat was, in fact, mounted to a Cali2 rack. Since both are Tonti-framed bikes (and since a good few CaliT3’s have Cali2 seats fitted) I imagine that both racks (they are different items, according to the parts-lists) might fit your frame, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that both seats will attach and sit as intended on both. Others here might know for sure.

Other reasons for seeing ‘air’ beneath the seat are, a) the seat you have may not have the ‘side skirts’ that the CaliT3 seat should have - this is a strip of fabric that runs all round and ‘below’ the actual seat, and which comes down to meet the tops of the side panels (for example). Your seat may be lacking this ‘skirt’, or has a replacement cover on which they are cut shorter than as per original. Or, b) the shaped supports at front underside of the seat which sit atop the upper frame rails are not quite shaped right, and/or not sitting right.

Photos below show i) and ii) the seat from side, with ’skirt’ down to the side panels. You should (just) be able to see that the upper level of this ‘skirt’ runs pretty much in line with the bottom of the tank. iii) seat raised (with trusty ‘used for anything but a screwdriver’ prop) - note the ‘seat catches’ which are not employed at all with the CaliT3 dual seat. iv) seat supports - lowest point sits inside upper frame rails, curved section sits atop them (heavy tape on frame rails, or a strip of rubber protects the paint, if that matters to you!) v) looking under the seat back to the ‘seat to rack’ mounts - a bit of slop in mine, which could be packed, perhaps. Mines an old, rusty example - I have a newer one, but I like the old faded colours on, but not so much the rusty seat pan.

Hope this helps - if it doesn’t - some photos of what you have might help knowledgeable contributors to point you in the right direction.

Hi Barry,

Many thanks for the photos and information.

I do have a T3 Cali rack and the T3 Cali seat is brand new. I have no idea what is happening.

I have attached photos in the hope someone can explain the issue.