T3 Cali spares

Hi Im new to the MG Club… thanks for letting me in!
Im keen to buy a T3 California. Ive sourced one but its cosmetically not great and needs lots of bits… new lights mud guards, speedo rev counter console, seat etc… wondering BEFORE I BUY, how easy it is to source parts for these bikes… I have a 57 Lodola and can get most of what I need on ebay and through Retro in Italy… Is the same true for the T3 California? Another question please… Having never ridden a Cali, how bad is the buffeting from a standard screen… I read conflicting reports and want to go touring in Europe on it. Currently spoilt a bit with a GS Adv.
Please if anyone is thinking of parting with theirs I’d be very interested… missed a great one on Members Bike sales in December
Many thanks David

I run a Cali screen on my T3 with no buffeting issues at all. And that’s with a pudding basin helmet.

Spares for a Cali T3 are readily available, Gutsibits are the best source nowadays or ebay for used parts. Many parts are common across the entire big block model range. I did some work on my Spada a few years ago and the front cam chain cover gasket was actually for a modern Norge, but fitted perfect and works fine.

I’m surprised it needs mudguards as the standard ones are stainless.

I run a Cali 3 and find the screen buffeting to be a right pain, better with a plain open face helmet, full face with the visor up is bad.

Thanks for this luckily Im an open face wearer as well>>>D

Thanks Don…