T3 California back rest?

I’m trying (again) to encourage my good lady onto the back of the bike. The cali ‘buddy’ seat is not the longest and she needs a backrest for security. (I dont have the grabrail fitted). Has anyone managed to modify one to Fit? The EV backrest seems a possibility? Interested to hear of any success stories. Cheers.Kaliman2014-07-04 09:46:35

Top box with a backrest suits Mrs Chris, any good for you?

Tried that Chris but the bike ('75) looked wrong with it fitted and it pushed her forward (and had me on the tank). We’re both tall was thinking more along the lines of the low level pad - like the ev’s. Happy to buy and butcher providing it can be made to fit.

if you have the two part seat then you should not have to mutch of a problem. the one pice rack and back rest use the mount for the pillion seat and the top mount on the shock. I would try to get a cali 3 or 1100i rack if you can the 1100 ev models have a wider rear mud gard (spacers long bolts) but can be made to fit.

I have fitted one my self, (an ev one)buzz2014-07-04 16:23:14

No, the OP has an original Cali - which has the 1 1/2 person buddy seat. I can’t even put my 10 year old on the back without being on the tank, not least because the seat is impossibly wide at the rear.

Would a t3 seat fit giving more length.
iandunmore2014-07-04 16:43:18

T3 seat would fit but you will have rethink carrier option as cali seat hinges off carrier.

Corbin do a back rest which plugs into the rear raised section of their seat. Wonder if one of these could be adapted to complement the T3 Cali seat?
I’ll try to locate a picture of one
Other than that a generic cruiser backrest as we discussed today.
All the best

yep, looked at a few Steve. generic seems best option with a few mods to locate at back of frame on mudguard and perhaps under seat where rack locates.
its not an easy fix this - cheers folks