T3 California Brake Pedal

Hi Nik, thank you for your input - very informative. I would like to replace the master cylinder with one of a similar style but am struggling to locate one.

Patience is a virtue and I may need to compromise if I can’t find a suitable part. Function over form!


Hi Steve

I had a look round all the usual suppliers this morning. As you say, not much about! TLM have a couple of S/H original style PS12, $95/100 each. I have a couple of S/H original style PS12 that need rebuild kits in them so maybe £75 each rebuilt.

All part of the fun. I’m restoring a Harley XLCR at the moment, and you think guzzi parts are hard to find!!!

Regards, Nik

That’s great - thank you Nik.

Good luck with the XLCR - I remember lusting after one of those when they first came out - '75?

I’ll keep an eye on TLM too.