T3 clutch alignment tool needed

Hi can any body help please, I need to borrow a clutch alignment tool for a 1976 T3 I am based in the Bedford area. Or a place to buy a reasonably priced one etc thanks in advance

Hello and welcome to the forum. You can use an old splined clutch center, I have one here in Essex.

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Don’t suppose you could post and I will post back?

I will see what the postage would be to Bedford. I will get back to you.

You are between three branch meeting places, Cambridge, Herts & Beds and Northamptonshire, maybe there is a member closer to you that has one? Most owners of these bikes have replaced a clutch at some time and have a spare splined center.

Thanks, obviously I would pay any postage, but hopefully someone nearer will post

It is too big for the Large Letter tariff and so will be classed as a Small Parcel by Royal Mail.
£3.50 1st Class
£2.95 2nd Class
I will do P&P free of charge. Does this sound ok?

That’s great, I don’t know how to send you my address etc on this forum IE private message? If you know could you either send me one or let me know how to? I will put some money in a charity box for the p&p if that’s ok, and thank you very much, will now endeavour to find out the bolt size for end of crankshaft and buy the bolt etc.

Is PayPal ok as a gift etc

PM sent
Best wishes Chris