T3 distributor parts

Is there such a thing as a kit for overhauling the distributor? Before going for an electronic ignition system I thought I ought to renovate the springs and bob-weights and oil seals etc.
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I would imagine the seals are juststandard lip seals availiable from any bearing type supplier they should have the size embossed on them
springs i am not sure about


http://www.gutsibits.co.uk/pr/TheShop/index.php?f=e&Shnew=1&Model=6&ModelName=G5,%20Convert,%20T3,%20T4,%201000%20SP,%20Cali%202&Cat=ENA&CatName=Engines&spPage=14Ex smokingbiker2013-03-08 21:26:28

Springs from Gutsibits and Motomecca and probably others.

Heck my V1000 did over 150k miles before i needed to look at it and never have ever put new springs in BUT it does need yearly lubing and the points effectively at half crank speed so last for ages as well.

The paper gasket is a git as one tiny wrinkle and it WILL leak, a right royal pain in the A to get it right… order at least 3 gaskets

Thanks GB, just wanted to be prepared before I send in the SAS!
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