T3 Engine Numbers

Hi All,
Would anybody know where I can find a list of T3 engine numbers?
I picked up a T3 engine a while back and want to know roughly it’s year of manufacture.

There are no records for engine numbers as far as I am aware, but I would assume they do roughly follow frame numbers.
The T3 numbers are VD 11111to VD 26537 850 T3 (3 disk brakes, 1975 - 1985) according to records on the Dutch Guzzi club. The best you could do is apportion your number in this 10 year window.

Hi Don,
The numbers on my engine start with the letter’s VD so its definitely a T3 engine,but there’s 6 number’s rather than 5 as on the list.I’ve seen this before so there’s no way that the engine number’s and frame number’s would match as the frame number’s only have 5 number’s.The only matching number bike’s Ive seen have been the earliest T3’s.

Neither of mine did so far as I can remember. No relationship at all.

Sounds familiar, yes my last one was 6 digits. 060692. :smiley:

Don’t remember any letters but had to scratch thick paint off just to get the numbers so maybe missed them if they’re there.

Never recall a match up on the classic Guzzis I’ve owned. Certainly never seen a letter prefix on the engines.


I have just seen this topic on the forum, and having just acquired a very early (headstock plate indicates January 1075) T3, so I thought I’d contribute even at this later stage.

My T3 certainly does have matching frame and engine numbers, the engine starting with VD. The number is six digits and starts 100*** so outside the range implied by the Dutch website (which is five digits and starts 111).

Now, the only caveat is that mine was for the US market (it lived in Minnesota - I still have the old MN number plate), and only came to the UK and was registered here in 2019. So perhaps the frame/engine numbering was different over there?


JimBob I have heard it mentioned the the US insisted on matching frame and engine numbers on new bikes.
It is even possible that there is a different frame number under your plate as the plates were stamped to satisfy the US requirement.

I think you may be right there. The VIN plate is pop-rivetted to the head stock, and refers to “the vehicle complying with federal safety regulations”.

It may well be that under that plate, or replaced by it is another frame number.