T3 Gear Box

What are the experts’ views about adding moly slip to a T3 gearbox? The day is rapidly approaching when I may be actually riding my 1200 mile from new 1975 example. I have been told that it improves shifting and longevity. Many thanks in advance.

i am no expert but i do use moly in my cali3 (1988) gear box and bevel drive. it certanly made the gear changes a bit quiter"

Good stuff. I’ll try it. The reason I mentioned the 1200 miles was because I am expecting the box to be pretty tight.

Righto…moly slip HAS to go in the diff. You can use moly in the gearbox BUT there are better options

Supaslip …is a liquid ptfe and is brilliant

Moreys gear additive is also very very good

There are many people who will go on about all sorts of oil to "improve the gearbox BUT as with engine oil stick to the Guzzi reccomended type, obviously Agip is not widley available BUT get the equivalent engine/gearbox oil.

I have used moly in the gearbox by the way. as the bottle works the right amount to add to the bevel than the gearbox. BUT it is not strictly needed in the gearbox.

Hi BSB, definitely worth putting about 50cc molebdinum disulphide in gearbox and 10cc in bevel box, the additive is great at reducing scuffing on highly loaded gear teeth, especially in a Guzzi since the gears are of tractor like dimensions. Worth checking what percentage of MoS2 your additive contains as the neat stuff is hard to find.Cheers, Gerry.

This kind of thing? http://www.amazon.co.uk/Molyslip-Protection-concentrate-protects-steering/dp/B004UGJMQS/ref=reg_hu-rd_add_1_dp

[QUOTE=Mike H]

This kind of thing? http://www.amazon.co.uk/Molyslip-Protection-concentrate-protects-steering/dp/B004UGJMQS/ref=reg_hu-rd_add_1_dp [/QUOTE]If it’s the same size tube then at that price it’s a rip-off!£8.99 from your local branch of Halfrauds:http://www.halfords.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay?storeId=10001&langId=-1&productId=195283&catalogId=10151TIP: give the tube a serious shaking and squeezing before opening it. Otherwise you’ll just get the clear liquid coming out and the moly stays in the bottom.
guzzijack2013-03-03 19:52:07

Looks the same! OK book-marked ta

Many thanks for all the advice guys.

Guzzibear - where do you buy your Supaslip? I’ve had a look on the Internet with no success.

While we are it, do people put such additives in their engine oil?

Got mine from Nigel at NBS who rebuilds gearboxes and gave one charge with every recon box… he may be using something else nowadays.

Engine oil 20/50 for older bikes is all OK if you change it every 5-6000 miles the engine will be good forever.

I have used Morreys oil and fuel stabiliser in the past it IS good stuff BUT the fuel stuff is really to keep unleaded potent when sat over winter.

Some oil additives can be not much use as they can cause seepage past the engine seals THAT is what I found out and took 3 tries to get the flippin thing oil tight again…Bikes made in the 70’s did not have the same seals and such as the modern Carc type bikes do.

Thanks Guzzibear - I’ll ask Nigel to put some in mine. Its still in his workshop. I’m assuming that my T3 will run happily on unleaded. Do people prefer Super Unleaded or just the ordinary stuff.

My '76 LM motor is still happy on unleaded. The ‘ordinary’ works fine. Years ago somebody told me the Guzzi valve seats are hard enough, although a change to unleaded parts was available he was doing an ‘experiment’ by running a stock one on unleaded to see what happened, but no signs of wear were apparent at time of him telling me about it. In complete contrast to the R80 which was pocketing its valve seats over the same sort of mileage that the Guzzi had been doing on unleaded also. HTH

Just by the way, re molyslip found some bad reviews in terms of where it was tried in manual car gearboxes, but as one author pointed out these have syncro-mesh which rely on a bit of friction to work properly; motorcycle gearboxes of course generally don’t have syncro-mesh, usually being constant mesh with sliding ‘dogs’ to do the engagement. The Guzzi one is anyway. So can’t see any problems.

I have read on a German fuel pump back in '84 that all '76 Guzzis and beyond are lead free.
It would have been a BP pump 'cos i would be using tax free coupons.
Back in the day they sent me to West Germany, they gave me tax free booze, fags and petrol, and then paid me more to be over there.
The utter bar stewards.

You poor so-and-so
Wow Guzzi were that far-sighted then?

Older Guzzis work fine on unleaded the Vthou has dome many miles all good I find the FI V11 Le Mans certainly needs Super Unleaded to avoid issues