T3 horn / flash switch

Does anyone have a spare horn/flash switch of the 1970s type fitted to T3 and Le Mans before the lego type came in please? Mine was bodged by a PO and has now given up. I actually need the push button, brass insert (Contacts) and tiny spring that holds the contacts apart. Even just the spring would be great. Happy to pay sensible price to get it working. Thanks in advance

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They are very rare, at the time most were replaced as they didn’t work very well. Now they make silly money when they come up for sale. You would probably be better to get switches of the new models or Japanese ones.

Best of luck

Problem solved. of all things, a choke spring from a pre-war Delorto is almost the exact size when cut down. The PO’s bodge was quite clever but not man enough to last. I guess the spring went flying when he opened the switch up.

Chris, Yes I’ve seen complete switches on eBay for ridiculous prices but was hoping for something from someone’s gash bin. I don’t do any serious riding these days, more’s the pity, so I prefer the originals. I know I’m a bit masochistic but for me, its all part of the charm and individuality of them. Back in the day, I used to curse those switches as much as everyone else but of course in those days, one couldn’t afford to be changing them🙂