T3 long front frame bolt

Just how many days can I expect to leave it to soak it in penetrating fluid before it comes out to play.

Bike’s been stood unused for years, anyone got any tips. I was going to buy a 19 mm impact sockets so I don’t bu66er the bolt head.

Any advice gladly received.

Are you using PlusGas?
Try moving it in the tightening direction first. Once it moves in the turning direction it ought to come out. Some have had to resort to desperate measures.
Does it have to be removed at all?
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A google of a efficient penetrating fluid led me to a product by three in one especially for the job, it’s supposed to have some reaction actually on the corrosion ( not the square tin with the plastic nozzle, jobbie.)

The engine needs to come out, and I’m just down to engine, frame and swing arm now.

So spray and wait, spray and wait, spray and wait…

they can be a bastard to say the least
it has been known the put hacksaw between frame and engine and cut through the bolt in the end,
a good quality socket and a impact wrench (the hammer type often works
the damp gets in and the resultant corrosion on the alli closes the hole onto the bolt

good luck

If you can find a six sided socket rather than a twelve sided one it may be better.
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budget for a new bolt

Thanks folks, not much cause for optimism there then

I’ll give it a week soaking and let you know how I get on

Diesel and acetone has been recommended as an excellent penetrating fluid. These bolts can be an absolute bugger to get out when they haven’t moved for a while. Best quality socket you can buy and a very long bar for leverage. Don’t forget heat can help greatly here (but not straight after applying acetone).Ray’s impact wrench /rattle gun and special sockets are very good at shifting stuck bolts if you happen to be anywhere near Leicester.

you can also drill a 3mm hole in the aluminium until you hit the steel bolt and put penetrating oil direct to where its seized these can then be when its out drilled slightly bigger and a grease nipple fitted to totally prevent further seizures

Now that young Ray is a bloomin excellent idea, whether it works or not.

(If it comes off)

Fingers crossed.

I’m too clean and shiney to do it now, I’ve been putting a second fix in my daughters house this weekend, but it’s first thing on the agenda tomorrow when I get home from being in the hamster wheel.

Done it years ago on a non Guzzi I even drilled and tapped fitted nipples and filled a grease gun with [penetrating oil and squeezed it in under pressure

Cheers Ray, said nipples ordered off of flea bay.

thinking about it there is a hole both sides and a open channel in middle when tight its squeezed tight between the frame so no reason you could not cut a micro slot across the holes with a dremel etc to let it ease off the corrosion as when refitted it will be just as clamped between the frame

If you have the bike dismantled apart from the frame and engine, could you balance it up on it’s end and fill the channel up with penetrating solution.

Has anyone used a length of studding instead of a shouldered bolt? This ought to allow lubricant to be retained in the thread. Just a thought!
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trouble with studding would be the stretch factor anf the poor quality its not brilliant stuff

Also the thread on studding could wear the tunnel in the crankcase, better to buy a stainless bolt and keep it covered with copperslip

This thread (sorry) prompted me to check mine. To my absolute delight I found it turned with ease and was nicely lubricated.


I think this is getting too deeply into it, it’s much simpler just needs disturbing, cleaning and regreasing on a reasonably regular basis. Like make it one of your annual maintenance jobs. Or on a lesser scale, you could just loosen it, oil the passages and rotate a few times, and retighten.

While SS seems attractive (and I was thinking of buying one! They’re on eBay) it has come up on here that maybe the tensile strength may be wrong, hence I’ve decided to stick to the kosher original bolt for the time being. Ditto especially re studding!