T3 rear wheel bearing spacer cover

Having one of those moments of doubt! Just refitting the rear spoked wheel after quite some time and I’m pretty sure the ‘top hat’ bearing spacer cover that fits between the bearing and the brake carrier goes with the top hat bit outwards, away from the bearing. Could somebody please confirm this. It does help to make notes when taking stuff apart doesn’t it.

I am sure mine is that way as well.

No No Nothere is the bearing and then a circlip and the ‘top hat’ spacer which fits with the smaller end fitting into the circlip area, in other words facing into the bearing, put it in with the smaller ‘top end’ facing away from the bearing and what could happen is when you tighten up the spindle nut you could end up squashing the smaller side of the bearing spacer

northwest2013-10-28 15:03:47

Yoy could also damage the spacer, Ask Los Wellman.