T3 seat fit 1976 T3 Cali ?

Want to fit longer T3 seat to '76 Cali 850, just for more room for 2 of us when touring, is it a straight fit ??
Thanks Dave

Depending on where you live I have a cut down T3 seat you can try.
Me, North Oxfordshire.

Its not a straight fit - or wasn’t on my Cali.

I may be wrong but from memory I think the Cali seat is mounted to part of the chrome luggage rack & pannier frames but a standard T3’s seat is mounted to the frame or grab rail. It can be done but needs a bit of home-engineering (aka bodgery) or you have to use a T3 grab rail & do without the Cali rack etc. I also think the seat pivot lugs are maybe spaced differently?

But despite my pessimism it can be done - I eventually managed it and I know others have.

The CaliT3 seat is interchangeable - at least on my T3, 1000SP, and previously on an 850T - with the ‘standard’ seats.

You just need to be aware that the CaliT3 seat and rear rack are, effectively, a single unit when it comes to fitting them to a Tonti frame. Seat fits to rear rack. Rear rack fits to the seat locating lugs (and suspension strut lugs, and rear mudguard frame mounts). The CaliT3 seat grab rail is ‘optional’, in this respect, and has no bearing on the fitting to frame.

So, if you’re taking a CaliT3 seat off and fitting a standard seat, the seat should fit without issue, but you’ll (potentially) be missing a seat grab rail, and a rear rack.

Hope this helps!

Thanks for everyone’s replies, much appreciated, Dave

You can still buy the thicker Convert style seat and T3 grab rail from Stein Dinse.

You can? Got a link for that?, please?

Just tried Stein Dinse, seat and rail now marked as no longer available, nothing from Teo Lamers. Gutsibits have the seat and rail listed but at £474 the pair.

Picked up a secondhand seat for 140 and grabrail for 32, so they’ll be swapped over when we have our 2up holidays !!!