T3 spluttering

The t3 starts to splutter at about 70mph and is unwilling to go any faster. There’s no go whatsoever in it. Before I start checking would anyone have any ideas? Timing was done last year…been lying up all winter and just checked carbs…seems ok except for a little water droplets in float bowl. Has fresh petrol, still same.

plugs, caps, condenser,coils

If it starts as normal then you are looking for something affected by fuel flow demand or electrical loading.
Maybe partially blocked fuel filters just above the taps.
Also everything Keith says.
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I see you are looking for bob weights and springs. Is this to do with the above problem. Have you checked that the timing is advancing since last winter? Rode a SP1000 back from Ireland last year so I did. Man was it gutless or what ? Checked the situation with the timing when I got home. Static had been set at full advance !!!

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All of the above plus check for the now familiar ethanol fuel fall-out crud blocking jets, even if partially, guess how I know. Hold jet up to a strong light and squint through it looks OK, but compare it against a new one and you see how constricted the old one is. Been laid up some months, so basically go thru everything with a fine-toothed comb HTH

Thanks guys…

Mine is doing this as well, not got round to looking at it yet though, be interesting to see what sorted it out,

When I get around to it, I will be replacing points and condensers, timing, then replacing leads and coils

It’s not the carbs, as I have fully rebuilt them and it runs lovely otherwise!