T3 Winter Maintenance

As we are now into the salty road season I’m looking to get started on some
winter maintenance. I’m net to Guzzis and not very mechanically skilled so I’m
after some advise!
I think I should lube my cables but would like to know what is the best way
getting oil into the speedo, tacho, throttle and clutch cables. Are there any
pitfalls that I should avoid. For example, I seem to remember reading somewhere
that it is best to avoid oiling speedo/tacho cables over the last few inches to
help stop lube migrating into the speedo/tacho head and gumming up the
works. Also, does anyone have ay strong (and rational!) opinions on engine oil. I
was thinking maybe Millers Classic 20/50 mineral oil. I’m not going to change
the filter as that was done at the last oil change which was only 3000 km ago.
It probably doesn’t event need the oil changing but fresh oil won’t do any
harm! The T3 handbook also says to ‘clean and adjust’ the carb but I think that
may be a bit too ‘advanced’ for me at the moment so I’ll leave well alone until
I can do some reading on the subject.Many thanks.

PPlatt2012-12-03 10:18:32

Get a cable oiler, then it is a peice of cake!


I’ve got one of these, and I lubricate the whole cable. Don’t lubricate cables if they have nylon inner sleeving as it swells and that is counter productive! Chris750s2012-12-03 10:11:50

2nd to above, replace all your cables with Venhill then forget about lubing them.
They cost more than oe but are far better.
If you are new to Guzzi then the chances are this has already been done by a previous owner.
Also get yourself along to your nearset branch where much good advice will be offered.

I will look into Venhill cables (nylon lined?). Will it be obvious if my current cables are nylon lined? I guess that the speedo and tacho cables are not typically nylon lined so if I want to lube them can I/should I detach the cables from the head and and pull out the inner to oil/grease it. Do I need to keep oil away from the speedo/tacho head? By the way, I fully intened to get to a club meet but life/child/weather seem to keep conspiring to keep me at bay!

Venhill do the tacho/speedo cables as well.
In '84 when i bought my first Guzzi I used to go through speedo/tacho cables annually untill I discovered Venhill (via O+S motorcycles, good people) and changing them became a thing of the past.
If you have oe they will stop working soon.

I use 3:1 oil on ALL my cables and it keeps them all good However to do the speedo and tacho I DO take them off the bike and then the 3:1 is dribbled down and left for a while then I do the throttle and clutch cables before popping the speedo and tacho back

It does not take long I pop the tank off and spray the wiring under it with WD40 , check the paint on the frame beforehand and touch up with a Gloss Black.

T3’s will run on basic 20/50 but I tend to buy the Halfords red or blue bottles when on offer. but lets NOT get into an OIL thread yet again as there will be dozens of “right” answers.

Cover everything apart from discs and tyres with ACF50
then leave unwashed until the last salt in the Spring.

Right oh. Millers 20/50 Classic for the engine, a set of Venhill cables and a dose of ACF sounds like the way to go. Thanks for your help.

Some say use grease not oil on the instrument cables as too much oil can work its way into the into the speedo/tacho heads and make them even less accurate.

The little rubber boot at the lever end of the clutch cable makes an effective funnel/reservoir for oiling the cable. Release cable at lever end, pull rubber boot towards end of cable (onto metal ferrule if necessary)until it seals,then prop upright and add oil. Leave overnight and it will run through the whole length of cable. Last Venhill cable I bought didrecommend occasional oiling with thin oil regardless of nylon lining.
The cable oiler shown in the link can struggle with thick clutch or drum brake cables but is good for throttle and choke cables - speaking of which the choke cables need to be kept free running to prevent the choke staying ‘on’ Normski2012-12-05 22:33:41