Started to renovate a T5, why you ask!! Anyway has anyone grafted an Ev front end onto a tonti frame? Think the EV front is nice chunky and get rid of 16 inch wheel.
Interested to know the issues

Regards Ratt

Be aware there are different lengths of headstock. I would have thought a T5 would be modern enough to have the longer one similar to the EV.
Can you not fit an 18 inch wheel into the T5 forks, or are you after heavier stanchions etc as part of the upgrade?

Nice to see that you’re renovating a T5. It’s a nice bike and we need to see more out on the roads.

Assuming that an 18” wheel will fit ( quite likely methinks ) this will raise the front by 1” if you use the same forks and thus affect the handling. So I think you’re wise to swap the forks.

I used to own a T5; quite liked it. I think there were at least 3 variants of T5 (4 if you include the police model).

Mine had 16" front, 18" rear. You get used to the slightly odd handling after a few weeks, and putting on your favourite brand of tyre (BT45 in my case) seemed to help a lot.