Tank range

Hi Folks,

What sort of tank range should I expect from the LM1?


Consumption should be around 55 to the gallon. My Spada tank is about 4 gallon so has a range of just over 200 miles.
My bum has a rage of a couple of hours max sitting on the slab of foam so never get that far!
Not sure how the LeMans tank and seat compares.

Le Mans is 5 gallons.
Seat is far worse.

Thanks Guys, my bum is in better shape than my wrists after 100 miles!

Found a PDF of the owners handbook that says 100km on 8 litres which I think (my maths is crap) works out at 176 miles for a 5 gallon tank. That’s probably about what I’m getting - i.e. less than I thought I would! Not that it matters - this is a leisure bike not a commuter. I just wanted to sense check it wasn’t miles out of tune.


That works out at 35.5 mpg which means you are using it hard.
My mkIII would give 45mpg around town, commuting and 55-60 on long journeys at higher speeds.

It does sound a bit thirsty at 35 to the gallon. 45 to 55 is more normal.
Those pumper carbs can shift some fuel if you give it a handful.
If ever you have a carb off the bike, connect up the fuel pipe and throttle cable, point the engine side away from you and open it up wide. It’s amazing how far it will squirt a jet of fuel.

Yeah thanks, I am estimating, need to brim it and run her dry. Not being light on the throttle mind :slight_smile:

You could always fill it up, do some miles, say a hundred or whatever, fill it up again and you’ll know how much it used to do that number of miles.

That is just too sensible! :wink:

Depends how accurate the odometer is…

Use a satnav, much better.

LM1 tank is about 4.75 gallons. (Spada’s was 5.27, I think.) I would be lucky to see 50 mpg, low to mid '40’s was more like the norm. On a 2-up touring trip around Cornwall it could drop to >=30 mpg. Which I thought was rediculous. But normally (solo, and on more open roads) I’d be looking for a garage before it got too close to about 150 miles, I guess.


The Le Mans tank is 22.5 litres which to you Imperial thinkers would be 5 gallons give or take 5/100 of a gallon, T3-5, Spada etc 25 litres = 5 1/2 gallons, funny the stuff you can get from books. :wink:

Good info thanks!

Just looked it up in my workshop manual (instead of trying to rely on memory), yes 22.5 litres.

There must be an echo in here :laughing: