Targa 750 Air Filter

This week (note length of elapsed time), I replaced the air filter on my Targa. It is a procedure to be wished only on one’s worst enemy. The designer should be shot!

But they do work pretty well, and it doesn’t need to be done very often. I swapped my similar setup (on Spada) to an oval K&N, which is also pretty difficult to wrestle into place. The loops also have a rubber section which is very tricky to fit correctly.

They must work well as the previous filter had a manufacture date of 2005 on and whilst it was a bit grubby, it wasn’t too bad. I’d put the job off for 3 years, due to the job looking time-consuming, but with the lockdown I thought I’d give it a go. Now I know that it’s a pain to fit and pretty effective, I won’t be replacing it for a while yet!