Targa ignition

The second ignition control unit has gone on my targa so I was thinking if I could convert to point using automatic advance of a monza or some thing shooty2014-03-15 18:26:41

Any use?Mad Farquhar2014-03-15 20:19:36

What ignition system is fitted?

look interesting thanks [the ca]jinnovation siteshooty2014-03-16 15:45:22

it a rotor pick up with two motoplal control boxs the bike had been standing for four year before I bought it about four year ago. I change one when I bought it [£140] .

The beauty with CJs stuff is that most of the components are out of Maplin or RS so if it pops then you just c/out the duff device. I think this rec/ign unit is configurable for your m/c but email Cliff to make sure. He can seem a bit brusque but he knows his stuff. I have one of his myECUs fitted to my Sportie.

Replacement motoplat amplifiers are available here http://www.ignitech.cz/en/ it’s a single unit to replace both amplifiers and costs less than a single Motoplat unit

Can’t get links to work properly with my tablet
http://www.ignitech.cz/en/lawries2014-03-17 06:33:56