Tarnished Stainless steel pipes.

Quite by accident I’ve found an awesome method of bringing stainless steel back from the baby poo tarnish brown with next to no effort. I was using wonder wheels on my Guzzi engine and some ran off onto the pipes and immediately I saw that the tarnish was being removed on the runs. I soaked a rag in it and wiped the whole of the pipes down and then gave them a light buff with Solvol Autosol and they look like brand new again. If you want to do it even cheaper then a mild hydrochloric acid solution will do the same job. :wink:

Fantastic! It just so happens I bought some hydrochloric acid to clean out my petrol tank and both bikes have stainless systems. I love ideas to save me time and effort! Just don’t get it where you don’t want it. Sodium Bicarb will neutralise it. Also excellent for cleaning rusty nuts!

That is indeed useful and not uninteresting to know!

Very interesting as I have spent ages trying to bring the down pipes to a nice tarnish free standard. This product, that product and any other product and all overly hard to get a ‘as new finish’ . I shall try later today

Gave it a try today being as it was ‘wet play’ and hence more suitable for ‘polishing’. End result? Well it certainly works on the gold and blue spots. Add Autosol in to the mix and voila, one set of very shiny pipes, although the upper section where they exit the cylinders does need some further working on.

Gave them a fresh water rinse after the wonder-wheels just to make sure all the liquid had been dissipated.

Not really much further use for the wonder-wheels as the back wheel in particular is not an issue as a ‘shit magnet’ compared to my past chain drives, although I may try it on the cylinders to see if they clean up as nice. Any reason if this is not a bright idea?

don’t do it every week or you’ll deisolve your exhaust headers!


don’t do it every week or you’ll deisolve your exhaust headers!

I did think this would have to be only ‘occasionally’ and working away does limit me, so every 3-6 months will be the diet. In between just good old spit and polish