Tarozzi Paolo for brace - taming the T5

Had my first 1/2 hour in the garage since the opp and managed to fit my tarozzi fork brace. Possibly the hardest part to find as 38mm forks with 100mm yokes are only on early t5’s but Edd and Guy at gutsibits managed to get one

One note if you do get a similar brace for your steed is the lower leg mounts appear to be machine to fit unpainted legs , the few layers of paint is enough to cause the forks to bind.


Be interesting to see what difference you notice.

This spring/summer will be quite a change, hopefully if i can get the cmc gear setup correctly we will have spada III 18" wheels with machined down centre hubs to suite the narrow 100mm yokes/legs on the t5 and hopefully it will go round corners and stop as it should