That cross over thing between the carbs etc

Have had quite a time trying find pipe that is reasonably easy to fit doesn’t kink having again had a fight with that cross over thing. As with T3 the thing was ditched and a H shape produced using pipe from the motorcycle parts store on flee bay this is light green quite soft 7 mm bore n 12mm OD the centre of the H a filter fitted so taps feed in through filter and out to carbs. Found it much better to work with didn’t kink like Ducati green pipe and pushed over taps etc fairly easily . Can see fuel both in pipes and filter which helps. Would have been nice to move carb banjoes slightly but again from experience left well alone another memory

I’ve just renewed my fuel pipe with some E10 proof pipe from Gutsibits. A bit tight on the banjos but goes on easily with some rubber grease.

Just fitted design one but have design two in mind the green pipe is the best I’ve used and confident I can remove them at the roadside if needed :+1:

Just looks over complicated to me - I bought twin inlet fittings for the dellortos and ran a simple pipe from one to the other.

That’s a good mod wasn’t aware that you could buy twin inlet fittings. The mod I’ve done works real well the slight tweak would be setting the taps 15degrees approx from the horizontal (90degree axis to bike) this would mean the filter is vertical, I can clearly see fuel in the filter and the pipes. I’m having trouble with the taps on the Eldo and not available at present anyone attempted lapping them in ? Regards Ratt