Thinwall Cable - T3

I am thinking of making up a new main wiring loom for my T3 over the coming months, the main problem I have with it is the dam wires are just half a inch too short for a good strong connection at the rear of the headlight, I want to keep it original (ish) looking but rather than use the old type wiring I have in mind using Thinwall Cable wiring from somewhere like Wiring Products in Derbyshire, has anyone rewired a Guzzi with this product and if so what size wiring did you use?.I have already got the new 12 and 15 pin sockets and male/female pins it is just the wiring I require.
northwest2013-12-15 18:23:56

I’ve used Vehicle Wiring Products quite a few times and always found them good to deal with. The wiring page on their site gives an indication of what size wires to use for each application, from memory I used the 1mm for general wiring and the 2mm for heavier loads such as headlights etc.

Ray had his Spada re wired by Towza who used the new thinwall cable throughout, it is far better, as Doug says there are guides as to the loading to cable and comparisons

Thank you gentlemen. I will take a look at what I will require tomorrow.

Like Doug I tend to use VWP and they have separate tables indicating the correct gauges for both thinwall and standard cable.