throttle cable attachment at handle bar end.

Trying to attach throttle cables to carbs
I have the housing for the twist grip but there appears to be some part missing which holds the cable sheathing and fits into a square hole in the housing. There’s a metal clip that looks like it should hold it in place. I can’t see it on any diagrams.

Yeah, definitely a bit missing. Throttles may differ across models, but the compoment parts look very similar - had a hunt around and found this image on ebay. You have to peer closely but you can that something which is where yours isn’t. Not aware that you can get individual components for the throttle assembly, but Gutsibits (for example) might have a used one, from which you can rob the bit you need.

Brilliant, thank you. It may be in one of the boxes of “bits” that came with the bike now I know what I’m looking for. There’s lots of “bits”…

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As Barry said, there should be a black plastic piece in there that the cable outers locate into. From a look at the parts book for my Spada (same throttle arrangement) its not available as a separate piece.
This is what you are looking for

Thanks, much appreciated.

Good luck finding it!

Hi, mate, found it on eBay, little black piece at the bottom of the picture - this is what you’re after.

Unfortunately the seller does not ship to the UK :smiling_face_with_tear:

Thanks. That’s good of you but says doesn’t ship to uk. I can but ask though???

I’ll ask if he’ll just do the small part I need???

I’d be sorely inclined to give Gutsibits a telephone call before you start ordering from the USA!

Ok, new to Guzzi’s. Worth a try, I’ll call tomorrow.

New to Guzzis? Gutsibits are not the only port of call, but they might well become your best friend.

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I agree! I have looked in my spares/junk box and can’t find what you want. Gutsbits have a large stock of both new and secondhand parts, try them first.

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I’ve sent them an email.

They don’t have any “cable guides” and can’t get themany more :frowning:

Don’t panic! Those throttles break and get replaced, and/or people ‘upgrade’ to metal-bodied throttles, so getting a used one isn’t exactly like finding ‘hen’s teeth’. I’d be amazed if Gutsibits didn’t have a whole assembly, used, for sale - you’d have to judge if the price is OK. Failing that, eBay - or a host of other Guzzi parts sellers, a post in this forum’s Wanted, or on the Club FB Buy/Sell page - you’ll get that bit, nae bother, as long as you accept that you’ll likely have to go with a whole (used) throttle. And then have some other spares in the box to boot!

What I don’t know, but a parts-list will tell you, is whether the V35 throttle is the same as that, for example, on V50’s (and possibly other, bigger bore MG’s from the same era).

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I’m sure there’s going to quite a lot of little bits to get with the state it’s in.

that is precisely the sort of thing that could be usefully 3D printed.
If you can find someone with the skills.

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I have one from a Spada you can have. Looks the same. Not sure how you go about exchanging e-mails or addresses privately but I’ll ask my rep at our meeting tomorrow and I’ll get back to you