Throttle cables lemans 2

I am fitting new throttle cables to my Lemans 2 and have never really got the hang of it. Do people lubricate the cables with oil. They slide very easily at the moment. I used to but it seems to clag up as the oil becomes thicker and dirty and then the cables don’t slip through as easily. Also, what route do people’s cables take. They are long cables with a relatively short distance so as far as I can see they need to leave the grip and head off in front of the headset and then back through on the other side splitting off to each carb. What are people’s take on this and is there any specific route. Thanks

People say you shouldnt lubricate nylon lined cables, but I do using 3 in 1…then youneed the easiest routing with the least tight bends…

No bend radius of less than 6’’.
Use Venhill cables.
Venhill make their cables about 3’’ longer than standard so you can make the bends looser.
I don’t lubricate Venhill cables but they work fine for me.
I also fitted a 2 into 1 system (same as old Nortons I am told) made by Nik Smulian with flat tops which helped immensely.
I sent the cables to be copied by Venhill so they should be able to make some up if you want them.

Can’t remember exactly but think it was under steering head, right side then under front of tank then split off left and right. Are carb tops the right-angle pull ones or round top? (Cable straight up.)

Most of my Guzzis have had throttle cables looping under the headlight and between the triple clamps to the left of the steering head, under the tank, splitting to either side of the frame spine then crossing at the rear to opposite carbs to give the best run to the carb tops.

Sounds right Duffo.
Though of course those of us who have entered the 21st C don’t really have to worry about this.

Yes Ian, my 09 Fireblade was very useful when it ground to a halt with the engine management light on!


Well I was talking about real motorbikes.
What was the problem?

It was a faulty automatic choke, i got rid of it about 2 years ago mainly because it was totaly unusable on the road if you value your licence!
As for propper bikes i am smitten with the guzzies even though they have tested both my patience and bank balance!

Well hopefully we have the collective knowledge on here to help with both.

Thanks for this wealth of information. Routed as suggested and all balanced up. However I have done little with the two adjusting knurled screws on the underside of the grip housing. What do they do then and what should I do with them. I have looked through my manuals and can see no reference to these.

The one at the back is the full-open stop, the one underneath adds friction to the twistgrip so that, in theory at least, you can take your right hand off (for hand signals?) without the throttles slamming shut.

Unfortunately, and if it works at all (as it also chews away at the plastic twistgrip innerds), it also makes heavy throttle springs about 10 times harder to pull open. First time I tried it I then took the screw out completely, s0d that! :smiley:

Have managed to adjust the friction screw on the Convert so the throttle rolls off slowly and does not snap shut.

You must have a stronger grip than me! Or good grippy gloves.

35 years of riding Guzzis, get a Guzzi, get a grip!

I just got aching hands.

Nowadays, I get cramp in them. Which is something new… :astonished:

Sod em off…the screws that is…we also remove the little spring that curls round the operating arm…I always call it guzzis get out of jail card…but I didn’t suggest it…oh no sir…

Thanks once again