Timing chain / Tensioner

Hang on. It is designed to stop the chain flapping about (your words).
The definition of a tensioner surely.
What you are cofusing is low and hi tech tensioners and Guzzi get into trouble when they try too hi tech at present.
Anyway does it matter, England Ladies just beat NZ.
Doing a lot better than the blokes.

Oh there ya go then


Yes, it’s also used on the Cali’s etc., (even LM1000 IIRC), and although the ‘shoe’ part looks very short compared to the aftermarket Valtek type one, it rarely, (if ever?) gives problems. If it’s the one that Mike had in his hands then it might look a bit lightweight but it does a good job.I don’t think Brian is alone in having had problems with the Valtek one though.
guzzijack2012-10-04 16:24:33


Another aspect not mentioned yet, there is a bit of a load on the ‘slack run’, because of the oil pump

my original tensioner broke a few mths back on my t5 i phoned motomecca and got the self adjusting one .I managed to fit mine by undoing the bolts on oil pump cog and pulled cog forward just enough to get adjuster in place . Not the correct way of going about it but it worked for me .I got my alternator tool from shaws stainless on ebay .Iain if i can sort it you will breeze it ,all the best johnno
johnno2012-10-05 18:08:10