timing or carbs?

My right hand plug is always very sooty, left hand is good. Just got an old strobe working, shows right hand timing as spot on and left hand as too advanced ( I think). I guess I should just adjust left hand timing and tune carbs from scratch?Â
Getting to know the bike slowly, until recently I hadn’t touched timing/carbs for 20 years when I had an old triumph twin.Â


Has it got cold start enricheners? Prone to leaking and making mixture rich.

It does have them, replaced all the o rings last year but it didn’t make much difference. Maybe I should try swapping left and right.

From my experience you’ll need to get new plungers. If they’re the same as mine, they have a rubber insert which gets indented by the seat. Not too expensive - try Euro Carbs.

I know a lot of people are using the cable operated chokes with the cable splitter box but I was never happy that this system was allowing the chokes to close so I changed to the individual lever operated chokes on the top of each carb,

Less convenient, especially on a faired Cali III FF, but at least I know the plungers are new and are dropping down correctly.

I did this! Does also make carb removal much easier.

Sounds like you need to do both. Sort out the LH timing AND overhaul the carbs with new seal kits, filter screens and choke plungers.Might as well treat it to new hoses as well. If not been done for some years then deffo will need doing now.

+1 On the choke plungers & lever operated individual chokes. I had the same problem a couple of years back, turned out to be a worn plunger. I switched to the lever operated chokes because I found the cable chokes fiddly to set up properly & not much more convenient to use than the carb mounted choke levers.

Ha – I went the other way; from individual plunders to cable operated. And then figured I had a plunger not seating. Replaced the plungers for new – they seem to be cheap and plentiful, and made sure I had loads of slack in the cables when they are ‘off’. All is now well again. Certainly change the plungers though.

Yeah I’m sure that the cable operated chokes can be set up to work properly, presumably they left the factory/dealership working. But I spent a lot of time messing with mine & was never happy with them & as the lever operated jobs are not much less convenient to use I switched to them & have had no problems since. Of course my issues with the cable chokes could be all psychological or down to my ham fisted spannering! :smiley:

It may also be worth checking valve clearances too. If they are a bit tight then you can soot the plugs.

Re the choke plungers.

With them out of the carb but still attached to the cable, measure the distance from the mounting flange to the bottom of the plunger

If it’s less than the depth of the hole it fits in, then the cable is hanging up some where OR cable isn’t seated in the splitter properly (ask me how I know that one :blush: :blush: )

How many miles has it done.
I am in agreement re the chokes, and you only need to set one anyway to warm the bike up.
However I have been told that an oily plug can be a symptom of worn rings, normally at about 50,000 miles.

Replaced the plungers with individual lever ones, plug definitely less sooty now, and getting a few more miles to the gallon :smiley:
thanks for the suggestions, will rebalance the carbs next see if that makes a difference too.Â

So that sounds like a choke was hanging up…