Timing with a strobe

I have an old strobe that doesn’t fit my ht leads so needs a bit of adaption. Just wondering if you can get an indication of whether timing is ok at tickover? And do I really need to rev it to 6000 revs for fully advance, cant imagine what that would be like in my garage, don’t very often rev it that much when riding.
 As the advance/retard is the old fashioned centrifugal weights wouldn’t fully advanced be reached much earlier? (1500 rpm according to this post http://www.motoguzziclub.co.uk/phpbbforum/viewtopic.php?f=70&t=24099 )

What bike is this on? I’m assuming big block or the like.Â

You can strobe at idle, there is a lower speed limit that the mechanical  advance can’t go below, But expect to see some wobbling about of the ‘D’ or ‘S’ line (retarded mark) in the bell housing aperture due to slack in the drive to the distributor unit.Â

Can’t remember offhand what the full advance rpm is.Â

Oh you’ve already got it 1500 for dizzy ergo 3000 for the engine. I remembered the 1500 but not what it referred to.Â

You are better off setting the timing at full advance rather than at idle.

4000 rpm is more than adequate for full advance to be achieved.


Oh yes, distributor rpm 1500, I hadn’t doubled up for engine :unamused:
 So 3000 rpm is fully advanced, say 4000 for smoothness. Workshop manuals both say 6000 which I wasn’t looking forward to trying.

Big block by the way.

Just checked the official manual and it shows a advanced graph straight line up to 1500 contact breaker rpm, then a shallower straight line from 1500 to 3000, which would be why they say 6000 rpm engine.
Does a fairly primitive advance mechanism really do this. Not too worried as I would imagine mine is past its best after 30 years.
Do the Rita / Dina electronic units both replace the centrifugal weights?

Yes there are two Bob weights but the springs are different, one has a longer loop so is slack so only  the other spring works, this is the steep slope, then when both are pulling it’s obviously stiffer hence the shallow slope. The springs may be different strengths as well. Be aware there’s also inevitable wear of all these bits as well. This is why they should oiled occasionally.Â

Sorry 2nd question, don’t know about dyna but yes Rita does away with the bob weights cam the lot, only moving part left is the central shaft.Â