Too much turbulence with Cali EV Windscreen

Good day
I ride the Cali EV with the standard large windscreen.
Despite different helmets I feel far too much turbulence and buffeting directly around my head. I’m sure it causes a lot of noise despite ear plugs too.
I can put my hand at the top of the screen and really feel the air flow cutting off the top of it straight to my head position.

I do remember reading a while back somewhere that someone bent the top of his screen forwards a bit towards the front.
I do not know the exact plastic material of the screen ( anyone? ) so I can’t imagine how the screen was warmed up enough to do that.
Anyone know?
Any other ideas?

I do not think adding on another clip on on top of the screen is a good idea … it gets far too high and unwieldy. I’ve been told too that the German police would not like it.( sight hindrance ) ( I live in Germany )

And please, I do not wish to receive replies from riders who say something like " wind turbulence belongs to motorbikes, if you don’t like it, get a car ". It might well be your opinion, but it is not mine and will not help.

Thank you
Best regards

I get the same problem with my Cali 3. I have recently changed the screen for a Puig one and it is better, but still present. With the lower Puig screen I can sit down a bit and the buffeting seems to go over my head, or sit up and avoid the turbulent bit. I have started using an open face helmet recently and that is a lot better. My full face with the visor up seemed to be worst.

On my Nevada I found more prone bars helped.

I recently fitted a screen to my G5. It didn’t come with any mounting brackets, and because I needed clock mounts too, I made up a bar to mount the screen and clocks. Initially the screen was too upright and the base of the screen too tight against the headlamp which gave a worse turbulence experience than no screen at all. Some judicious titling of the screen to make it a little more aerodynamic along with increasing the gap (between the headlamp and base of screen) to equalise the high and low pressure seemed to do the trick.;

Over the years, many, have always had issues with screens and tried them all including one from the USA which was supposedly tested by an aerospace company. Their invention was a triangular hole in the bottom. I thought how does that work? It didn’t. The only screen to work is a Givi airflow fitted to my vee Strom, look at the design not pretty but you can see why. Confirming this back in 78 fitted the screen available and craven panniers to a Duke 900GTS it worked after experimentation which meant fitting at quite an angle and forward again like above the angle gave considerable airflow behind the screen the key issue I think. Fitting back on my vintage the standard screen is awful in my opinion loads of buffeting.

Regards Ratt