Tool Kit

When I bought my second hand Cali Vintage it was devoid of a tool kit, and after just completing two repairs (fuel pump pipework and rear foot peg bracket) I need to put together a small tool kit to keep permanently on the bike. Up until now my tool kit has consisted of AA membership card, mobile phone to call AA, money to spend in pub whilst waiting for AA. Obvious general tools are screwdriver(s), pliers, electrical tape, allen keys for tank and side panels, possibly 10mm, 13mm and 17mm spanners, plus small adjustable, spares fuses and bulbs. Just wandering what is the collective wisdom emanating from Guzzi cyber-space on what else I should have? Regards Bernie

I found a short 19-22 mm and a 17-18mm spanner I pop in my tool roll , pop to a scrap car place and find a Mercedes tool roll they have these in and the tool roll is brill for a bike

The 22 fits the oil filler plugs on Tonti and other guzzis the 17 fits the level hole on the gearbox should you need it.

The ONLY spanners I have HAD to use tho have been the 10 mm for the gear box shift, they do come loose and the 13 mm to tighten the zorst headers.

Don’t forget a plug spanner, spare plugs and a spare plug cap just in case the bike falls over. (They get broken very easily.)

Calis and v1000 with crashbars the plug cap and plug NEVER gets touched even after a slide down the road…

+1 on the plug/spanner/cap
A small strip of wet’n’dry
I’ve found that a small 12v test light (I’ve made one up with croc clips) is a handy thing to have.
Bulb/fuse kit?
Molegrips are incredibly versatile.
Fold up Allen keys
Tend to find a toolkit useful for other people’s bikes/cars as much as my own.
Regardless of the riders mechanical competence it’s nice if they have a few tools to fit the bike.
I’d also keep the AA card and beers tokens
Just a few ideas
All the best

I was carrying the kitchen sink but still got into trouble as my smallest spanner was 10mm. I ended up needing an 8mm (rose joint on gear linkage). It is small and weighs nothing so I would say worth carrying.

it must weigh something!

bit like monty pythons albatross…everything has a flavour…

check out venhill web site they sell the cruztools range of bike tool kits I have one I bought years ago and always carry it with me they are American made and a lot better quality than the usual supplied kits