Is the steel worm gear in the front hub. It is located over the alloy wheel bearing carrier. I need to remove it to use it in my replacement hub. I suspect it was heated and fit when hot. But heating it now will expend the alloy more than the steel so making it tighter. Have you done this job before? cause I have no idea how to remove it.

TonyIt sounds a bit like the gear on the Stornello front wheel. Not needed to remove mine, it is fine as it is but have seen this picture in the Stornello manual:Hope it helps. Does the manual for your falcone show anything similar?

looks like a plan! Is it the same Tony?

Hi Don
Thanks for the reply. On the falcone the worm gear does not have hardly any shoulder to get a puller on to. It is also deeper with a plain ring extending flush with the flat base again cannot get behind it… Guess I can weld onto the plain ring and pull on the welded bit but it’s all a bit brutal. I am resigned to get the new wheel dismantled and rebuild the old hub using the new rim and spokes, might be the most cost effective solution.
By the way how do you put pictures on the forum?

I don’t suppose the gear would be the same as a Stornello as I do have a spare hub I could try and pull it off if it is any good for you. I will try and get some picture of it over the weekend. I am planning to work on respoking a new hub so will be in the garage. As for putting pictures on, it is easiest to use a photobucket account, upload them onto that, click on the IMG link then paste it into here. There is an explanation somewherein the forum FAQ’s possibly

Hi don
I pop into a firm motoliner in Alysford nr Maidstone, they do frame and wheels straightening. The old boy in there had a look and recons he can pull the gear off and insert it in the new hub. They do have some huge hydraulic presses there, best leave it to the pros for this one.
I shall try to post some pictures , thanks for the advice.