Torque Setting Griso 1200 8V

I am looking for the torque setting for the 4 bolts M8 (1.25 pitch) x 75mm tapered socket head bolts which attach the outer footrest plates with the inner frame plates through 4 aluminium spacer tubes. (the parts book calls them screws pos 2 but technically they are bolts)

To identify the fasteners I have attached part of a page from the parts book showing the item numbers which correspond to the parts I have listed below.

The parts are as follows :-
Item: 2, Moto Guzzi Part Code: GU98700475, Description: Screw M8x75.
Item: 3, Moto Guzzi Part Code: AP8121805, Description: Spacer 8,2x14x49,5.
Item: 4, Moto Guzzi Part Code: AP8152300, Description: Self-locking nut M8.

I have looked in the official service manual and I can not see a reference to these bolts, however the description on any torque setting in that manual is not always clear.

Any help would be gratefully appreciated.

Foot Rests ll.pdf (231 KB)

Hi Jon, I don’t know if you are re-fitting the bolts, or about to start taking things to bits… If you haven’t taken things apart yet, you could always apply an old-school practice which determines the torque before stripping down … With chalk / centre punch marks / or even “tippex” , mark one flat or point of the hexagon head of the bolt / nut … or accessible position of the socket head … and adjacent position on metal you are tightening up to … and then undo … Then, with your torque wrench set to a very low value, tighten up … The marks will obviously not “re-align” … but, if you keep on increasing the setting on your torque wrench, and repeat the tightening process, you will eventually have both of the marks you have just made, nicely lined up … and a quick glance at the wrench will show the necessary lbs ft or Nm … I hope this helps … Regards Tony

Thanks Tony that’s an excellent idea, I will give it a go.