Trip meter on 1000S

Hi all,
I have an issue I hope you can give me some guidance on please.
I have a 1991 1000S and the trip knob has snapped off, with about a 2mm rusty stub left, which I can just about turn with a pair of small pliers and the trip resets fine back to zero. OK in the workshop but not out and about at a garage fill up.
So my questions:
How is the trip knob connected to the speedo - does it screw in or is it a push fit?
Any ideas on how I could extract the remains of knob that I have left in the speedo?
If I can get it out - can I buy a replacement or does anyone have one to sell me?
I’ve taken a few photos which I’ll try and load to this post.
Thanks for your help - Paul.

I had that happen and sent my speedo to Speedy Cables, they are not speedy but they do a great job.

Thanks Chris - I just called them 6 to 8 weeks plus for the service.
I may wait for winter.
Thanks for the help.

I remember when the 1000S came out and complained to my pals that Moto Guzzi had copied me! I built my 750S replica 3 years earlier and put the 1000cc lump in it a year after. :smiley:

I also have a 91 1000s, the reset knob simply screws on, (right handed thread),
hope this helps

Hi Paul,
I replaced the speedometer reset knob on my Lemans III some years ago. As mentioned by Phil Gough it screws directly onto the shaft protruding from the speedometer casing and has a right hand thread. I assume yours is of this type. The part number of that particular reset Knob is 19762810. I can also find reference to the reset knob for the California III which has part number 28762860. Maybe you can trace a supplier of these part numbers (try Moto Mecca Spares?) and see if one of them will do the job.

When I restored the Lemon I needed a new trip reset.
Gutsibits sell two, one short which fits most models and a longer one which I needed for the Lemon.
Despite being only 20mm longer, the long one was more than twice the price.
I bought a short one, cut it in half and extended it with a length of brass tube.
I told my wife what a saving I had made and she said I should be renamed Titus, as in Titus - a duck’s arse!

How about this ?