Tubeless rims

I have just bought a secondhand pair of wheels for a stelvio very cheap because someone in the past has put tyre sealant in which has attacked the aluminium rim I want to fit new Tubeless aluminium rims, I have tried Alpina who supply Guzzi with some rims but they will not supply me as they have a contract with Guzzi , and Guzzi do not supply rims separately catch 22. central wheel do not do tubeless rims in the sizes I need 17 x 4.25 and 19 x 3.50 The rims fitted are German made Behr but can not find a supplier for them. any suggestions welcome. Yes I could fit cast wheels but don’t like them
Regards Keith

give HAGON a try

Kineo do them at vast expense

or see if you can find a friendly alpina agent.

Maybe these guys can help

HaydnR2014-03-31 13:46:02

I have already tried central wheels, they don’t do tubeless rims in the size’s I Need but thanks anyway thanks

One of the reasons I chose the Stelvio 8v over the NTX was to avoid the potential issue of leaking rims with tubeless tyres.

Some manufacturers have got the design right - Triumph and Yamaha use a flanged rim with the nipples adjusted at the hub and BMW locate their spokes on the extreme edges of the rim (which isn’t supposed to be the strongest design but it works fine).

Guzzi and KTM rely on O-rings or rubber sealing device which I’ve always been wary of. I don’t expect a sudden deflation but a slow leak would be quite annoying, especially if you had to keep refitting the tyre to make sure you had fixed the right spoke seal!

There is of course the overriding reason that blows this argument into the wind: I LOVE the italic spokes on the cast wheeled model. They remind me of the RD350LC

Well, WHEN I finally take delivery I’ll be able to dribble over them properly.


I bought cast wheels from Corsa Italiana for £400 and I sold my spoked wheels on eBay for £250. good deal as I intend to keep the bike for a while and don’t trust the o-rings on the spokes, one failed in the first year.

That’s interesting. I’ve never seen the 18L tank model fitted with cast wheels before.

Was there any special mod required due to the OE rim width differences? The 32L tank models have narrower rear rims and tyres as standard (150 vs 180 section) for both the spokeys and the cast type.

It will be handy to know if they are interchangeable.


the NTX came with a narrower rear rim (150 tyre)than the standard stelvio so you could fit off road tyres if you were brave enough to take one off road8 Valve Eagle2014-04-08 13:17:23