twin plugs

anyone runnin twin plugs per head on 1100 sport?
If so anything to watch out for
many thanks


Good question Johnno!
Have been thinking about twin the plugging the EV (different bike but may be a “technology overlap”
I bet there’s someone done it in the States
All the best

Me racebike is twin plugged Johnno, think the oil feed needs to be relocated cos the new pplug goes there, will consult with Guy when he gets home from work, x

I spoke to Guy about this and the oil feed was mentioned ,top man is Guy

Aye he is that, as are you young man ! X

Interesting. There used to be a BMW specialist MC shop in the UK who advertised it twenty years ago. When I remember the name I’ll post it.
Raceco also used to do it.
On the 1100 sport there’s also going to be the headache of getting a ignition map. I seem to remember they need a lot less total advance.

I kbnow it was an advantage on the round barrel bikes and fairly easy to do as the 'ole is already there so to speak I also know the later bikes are more difficult= costly to do. Raceco used to do them but dunno if Amadeo still does these things.

IF I wanted to do something like that I would ask Paul at Corsa and or Mark at Twiggers, you really need someone who HAS done a Guzzi before

OK I’ll bite with the obvious question ~ why…

Wasn’t specifically a BMW MC shop. It was MEZ
Robjavahouse2013-07-22 19:27:08

Nigel at NBS did the work on me Mk 1 and you also need dual output coils. The issue is the oil feed and as GB says, on the round barrels it almost looks like Guzzi intended to do it.
Twinplugging the big valve motors gives better response low down and in our experience better mpg. Guys Mk 2 and me racebike were both done by raceco and run smaller mains and you can also disconnect the accelerator pumps.
After Nigel did me lemon, it did take me ages to grind down a long socket to be able to tighten the baby sparkington pluge, grrrrr.
Ammo doesnt appear to do guzzi stuff anymore…guykate2013-07-22 07:39:10

OK thanks, not being rude but if it were for mpg just wondering much petrol the cost of the conversion would buy
Mike H2013-07-22 11:32:00

According to Dave Richardson square barrels are more difficult to twin plug and benefit much less.Obviously on a race bike any benefit would be usefull.Be interesting to talk to Andy aged 40 as he fettles Team Muzzi’s 1000cc race bike.My Guzziology is 15 years old as well. DR may have different opinions now.

Mike, we did it to my bike after we bought a bike already twin plugged by Raceco. It picked up cleaner from low rpm and was at least 10 mpg better. Nigel did the heads on my lemon, which if I remember rightly was about 180 quid, and straightaway pick up improved and fuel consumption on both bikes the same.
Guzzi does it to their modern 2 valvers, Guys 07 1100 Grisso is twin plugged, dunno if the small blocks are, xguykate2013-07-22 15:21:11

My small block isn’t.I had forgotten that the latest Guzzi’s are twin plugged.

£180 not too bad then, but dual-output coils to add etc.

THAT is the older round barrel engine the later ones are a lot more dosh. an awful lot to shell out for relatively small gain on the road. The idea is to burn fuel more efficiently, it was developed for aircraft engines I believe

Yes of course OP for an 1100 Sport, duh

very interesting , gonna speak to Mark first .

May be so GB but guzzi clearly think tis worthwhile…