Following on form my “Tyres for V1100 Breva” thread.

Went for quick run over Cat and Fiddle and at one point…when leant over to the right… i felt the bike twitch. When i got home i noticed the rh side was rubbed flat on edge of tyre so i’m assuming the issue is the rubbing on the swing arm.

Does anyone know where i can find tyre widths online…as im off to europe this year with SWMBO plus luggage…and i cant risk this happening again.


I remember El Duffo also having this occur. I think he simply trimmed the edge of the tyre (don’t know what flavour tyre it was). Perhaps try pm to him?


You got all this information in your last thread on tyres. Are you sure you didn’t just hit a bit of gravel in the road?
Brian UK2012-12-27 17:15:04

I know what i got…i am asking for info on a site that has tyre measurements.

i posted this one earlier

if any use was took from

i think most of the makers will have something buried on their sites